Dehumidifiers come in handy for January thaws

My dad is thrilled that he has a plan for the basement in case it floods because of the weather.

I’m heading back to Connecticut to celebrate my mom’s birthday this weekend, and so I’ve been in touch with my folks quite a bit to iron out the details of my homecoming. So far, our family has a fun weekend planned, partaking in all of my mom’s favorite activities to celebrate her big day. But, when I was on the phone with my dad today, he told me that the weather has been causing a bit of worry at home.

While temperatures hovered around zero degrees last week, today, much of the Northeast experienced what is called a January thaw, with temperatures nearing 60 degrees. That, combined with the fact that it has recently snowed in Connecticut, could be the recipe for a flooded basement. Rather than just allow all of the melting ice to wreak havoc on the cellar of our house, though, my dad decided to get proactive. 

His opinion is that if there’s moisture coming into the room, he may be able to stop it from becoming a flood using a dehumidifier. Additionally, this tool is very helpful for preventing mold once you’ve cleaned up floodwaters that may have cascaded into your basement. Therefore, as soon as my dad saw a drastic rise in temperature in the weather forecast, he got out his dehumidifier, and even went out to get a second one so that the entire space might dry out more quickly. 

But, after glancing at the predictions for this weekend, it seems that he doesn’t have to be that worried about the hot temperatures after all. Things are supposed to get cold enough to snow in just a few days. Hopefully, this brief swing into unseasonably warm weather will be just brief enough to avoid causing any trouble, but in case it does, my dad is happy to know that he’s prepared. 

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