Digital manual thermostats can tackle both heating and cooling

Since she works in a theater, Shelby deals with a lot of temperamental actors.

The other day, I called my best friend Shelby to catch up. Even though we live in different cities and have for many years now, we always make sure to see each other a few times a year, and are the kind of friends that can pick up right where we left off.

These days, Shelby is working for a theatre company in New Jersey, helping to house actors that come there for various runs. She told me that the job is uniquely demanding, but that she loves it because it's never monotonous or boring.

And things have really not been boring since the fall, when Hurricane Sandy came knocking on the door of their housing complex. Shelby and her coworkers were very lucky, because nobody was hurt as a result of the superstorm that rocked the East Coast, but flooding damaged many apartments.

Suddenly, Shelby's job went from helping people to move in and out of their temporary housing to being the liaison of a major renovation project for the multi-unit building. When we were chatting the other day, Shelby told me that she had just gotten off the phone with the contractor, who was telling her about the heating and cooling system that they were replacing.

She told him to install digital manual thermostats because they are simple to use, handle both heating and cooling, and can be set to the precise specifications of every actor. Shelby was very excited about these new thermostats, since a large portion of her time was previously taken up by adjusting temperatures.

The new housing should be completed in mid-February, and Shelby is so excited to have things back to normal. I'm going to visit for a weekend so I can meet the actors and catch a show. I can't wait.

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