Don’t have the space to throw a party? Use your garage with some help from an electric heater

I can't wait to have a fun football party in Gabe's garage.

With Christmas and New Year's officially over with, my male friends can't stop talking about football. They love that there are no more seasonal distractions, and that from now until the Super Bowl, all eyes will be on the playoffs.

Being from Boston, my friends are all big Patriots fans, and can't wait to see if their team will get to avenge last year's championship loss by making it as far again this season. The whole group loves to get together to watch playoff games and the Super Bowl at someone's house, but this year, nobody lives in an apartment big enough to host a crowd of people and a TV.

This weekend, my group of friends were discussing this worriedly, when my friend Gabe offered up a solution. "We could use my garage," Gabe suggested.

At first, we all looked at him, puzzled, but then Gabe elaborated. He told us that he could take furniture from other parts of his house, and plug his television in as well. Nobody would have to worry about being too loud or making a mess, and there would be enough room for everyone.

It seemed like a great idea! But then Dan asked how we were going to hang out in a garage for the day without freezing in the February air. That's when I suggested that we bring in an electric heater and keep ourselves warm with this handy appliance.

Now that we have all of the logistics figured out, I can't wait to attend the party and root for the Pats again this year.

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