Drying clothes when your dryer is busted

It's so much easier to dry my laundry with a fan.

Last week, I went through the somewhat harrowing experience of doing laundry at my apartment. Imagine this: Because my apartment doesn't have laundry in the unit, I have to go to the basement of another building in my complex in order to wash and dry my clothes! While I've gotten used to carrying my week's laundry down my rickety back steps, it's still not an activity I enjoy.

But this time, when I made the journey to put my clothes in the dryer, I found that neither of the two machines in the room was working. One was unplugged, with the door was hanging open at a dubious angle, and the other dryer wouldn't even accept my quarters. It was clear that if my clothes were going to get dry, it would not be in one of those machines.

Usually, I would just get out my trusty drying rack and allow my clothes to air dry in front of an open window, but the humid August air had me thinking that my laundry might never be dry again if I used this method.

I looked my problem up online, and it turns out that many others have suffered from the same issue. One woman's blog suggested using an electric fan to keep air moving, and get my clothes dry even in the very humid air.

I decided that I might as well try her advice out, since I really had nothing to lose. I laid my laundry out on the drying rack, and positioned it in front of an open window. Then, I placed my oscillating electric fan right in front of my drying clothing.

Not only did it work very well, but I didn't even have to trip up the back steps to fetch them!

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