Early spring leads to big home improvement sales

The warm winter weather leads many homeowners to tackle big tasks early this year.

While I'm not convinced that winter has finally breathed its last gasp – I remember some pretty vicious snowstorms in April, many people are celebrating early by stocking up on summer and spring items at their favorite home improvement stores. The big spending on the part of consumers is due to the fact that scientists are already declaring the "previous" winter one of the warmest on record.

And this is translating into business for certain stores. As of February 27, many experts expect Home Depot and Lowe's Co. to post big fourth quarter profits, as Americans who just can't wait to get outside are flocking to these stores in unprecedented numbers.

For example, while typically one of the worst months for home improvement products, January sales of exterior paint were up more than 30 percent in certain parts of the country, according to Planalytics, a business weather intelligence company.

In addition, Scotts Miracle-Gro Co., the maker of lawn and garden products, indicated that sales of its items had risen by more than 20 percent during the first five weeks of 2012. The Wall Street Journal indicates that Texas and Florida, southern states that saw unusually warm weather, were the biggest drivers of these sales.

As a result, you may want to get a jump on your spring cleaning duties by stocking up on these items while you can still take advantage of off-season discounts. However, while you're there, don't forget to look for discounts on summer home cooling items such as electric fans, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

By purchasing these products – or conducting price research so you can later find the lowest prices on discount shopping websites – you can ensure you get the most for your home improvement investments this season and continue to save well into the summer.

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  1. My girlfriend’s early 1800s house has beautiful hardwood floors. In one section, the floor opens, revealing stairs that lead to the small cellar area. Obviously, all of the hinges/hardware are hidden; it just looks like a hardwood floor, except for a small brass ring that you use to lift the door. The problem is that this door (with the hardwood on top) is large and heavy; and lifting 70 lbs by a brass ring with two fingers is not only painful, it’s hard on the back too. I have photos and can get exact dimensions; but I would estimate 4 feet by 8 feet and 70lbs. I have searched the Internet for spring, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric devices. Some do exist, but certainly nothing marketed specifically for a residential hardwood floor door, where everything must fit underneath. I don’t think there are enough of these doors around anymore to make it worthwhile to market an opener for them. Thoughts? Thank you. Jason

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