Electric fans can express your personal style

Sam's house is impeccably decorated.

My friend Samantha's apartment is really well decorated. She and her friends love home design, and they employ a number of lovely concepts throughout the space. Everything from the large entryway to the breakfast nook looks as if it came right from the pages of a fashionable home furnishings magazine.

It's so nice to go over to Sam's place because of the relaxing tone of this well decorated space. The last time I was there though, it was raining outside and I noticed how warm the entire place was.

I mentioned it to Sam, and she said that her apartment is always hot, which is why she usually keeps the windows open. The inclement weather had caused her to close her windows, and was the reason that I was now feeling the true temperature of the home.

So I asked Sam why she didn't just get an electric fan for the space, and scoffed at the idea. It turns out that these fans can often look rather industrial, and that's very much against her taste. But I told her that there are a number of stylish and functional electric fans available. Whether she wants one that blends into the background or one that dominates the look of the apartment, she should be able to find it.

That night we went shopping online for a fan for Sam's impeccably decorated apartment. She found one that perfectly matches the decor of her living room, which is where everyone usually spends time. Now Sam doesn't have to worry about having an uncomfortable apartment in bad weather, or sacrificing her fierce style.

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