Electric fans can increase the comfort of cold sufferers

Cold sufferers may benefit from improving their air quality with an electric fan.

I've been laid up in the house for the last few days with a cold, relying on my electric heater and house humidifier to keep my symptoms down. And while it's always great to have an excuse to eat chicken soup and catch up on your favorite TV shows, by the second or third day of being sick, I'm going a bit stir crazy.

But, while I've got nothing to complain about – other than some general discomfort – it's the boredom that is probably the worst part. (I haven't broken down and gone to the doctor yet, hopefully this can be put off for a few days, but I have been using my fair share of tissues, cough drops and cold medicine.) In between, I've been fumbling around with the set up of my bedroom, despite my wife's objections.

Right now, I'm using my electric heater, humidifier and electric fan to keep the environment pleasant. (My heater has been keeping me warm, while the humidifier has been improving the air quality so I can breath better).

While I wrote about these products yesterday, I've also come to realize the benefits of my electric fan, especially during day two of my sickness. While a humidifier can make the air warm and moist and the heater can keep my chills from getting the better of me, I've needed to use my electric fan to cycle in fresh air. (We've had an unusually mild spell in New England this week, and fresh air is always great for symptoms. At least that's what my mom told me.)

Either way, it's nice to freshen the air inside. This way, the humidifier isn't recycling the same old air day after day (and the same germs). With my fan, I can confidently open my window just a crack and allow it to filter air around the room, which will hopefully help me move toward a speedy recovery so I can actually go outside.

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