Electric fans could provide stopgap solution for mold and mildew problems

Electric fans can help keep bathrooms in top-notch condition, even if the existing bathroom fan is broken.

In my last piece, I talked about every homeowner's favorite subject, mold and mildew. Nothing makes you feel like you're taking great care of your home like finding out that well, you've been missing some of the smaller details. I don't know about you readers out there, but I'm a pretty groggy person in the morning. As a result, I didn't notice buildup of these maladies on our bathroom ceiling that could have been prevented (I'm useless before a cup of coffee, as my wife will attest).

One of the primary culprits for this type of quick mold buildup is faulty ventilation fans. Oftentimes, these fans can get blocked up, even when they appear completely functional. Not every fan problem will be accompanied by the type of shrieking noise that you'll typically find with a hard blockage – or in other words, when something gets in there that shouldn't.

If this problem happens in your home, you have to replace or repair the fan. But, you may be asking, what about those on a budget, those looking for short-term solutions or who don't have the resources to fund a big repair quickly?

While it's always better to fix this sort of problem sooner rather than later, to reduce this type of buildup in time for the next holiday gathering without an extensive overhaul, homeowners can invest in low-cost electric fans. By keeping an electric fan in the bathroom, homeowners can ensure that any moisture leaves their bathroom quickly. When used in conjunction with treatments that can get rid of any existing mold, buying a high-quality Duracraft, Honeywell or TPI Commercial fan should be a sufficient stopgap.

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