Electric heaters are handy for when your house runs out of propane

It's always a good idea to have an electric heater just in case your heat goes out.

I try to talk on the phone to my sister a few times a week. Even though we live in different states, we like to see one another whenever we can, and always try to stay abreast of the events in each other's lives. Yesterday, Shannon called me earlier in the day than usual. Even though I was still at my desk, I leapt up to answer the call, thinking that she must have something important to say if she was calling during business hours. 

When I asked her what was going on, Shannon told me that she is having some trouble with the heating in her house, and even though she was turning the thermostat up, it continued to get colder. It didn't take her long to realize that her house was likely out of heating fuel. 

Since she lives in New Hampshire, Shannon would need to have this fixed as soon as possible – otherwise it would be dangerously cold. But, she rents her apartment and the propane is her landlord's job, so she had to call him before she was able to schedule a delivery from the truck. 

By the end of the ordeal, it was well into the evening, and Shannon had set up her oil delivery almost  full day later. This meant that she would be spending quite a bit of time in her house without heat. 

She was starting to get upset, since the last thing she wanted was to be uncomfortably cold, when I suggested that she get out one of her electric heaters. Though she doesn't need them as much, her previous apartment was extremely chilly and she relied on a space heater for warmth. 

Shannon called me today to thank me for the suggestion. She said the electric heater has been keeping her quite warm until the regular heating is back on. 

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