Electric heaters can keep dogs comfortable

Daisy is so cute.

My sister Shannon has an adorable dog named Daisy. She's a short-haired breed with a ton of energy. Daisy has been known to get herself wedged into strange corners of the house as she becomes curious about just about everything she can't see completely.

Because Daisy is so adventurous, she's not allowed full run of the house. When she's not kept in a crate, Daisy has been known to cause the kind of disasters that only a dog could create. One time, my sister returned home to find that Daisy had pulled the contents out of every tissue box in the house, leaving the entire floor sprinkled with tissues.

But Shannon feels bad leaving Daisy in her crate for a whole day. Even though she makes sure that she gets home early enough, Daisy doesn't have room to spread out or play in there. In the summer, Daisy has a dog house in the backyard where she spends the day. But the cold weather of the winter means that this isn't a year-round option.

Just a few weeks ago, Shannon found out that she can buy an electric heater for Daisy's dog house, making the space usable for the dog for almost the whole year.

She found out that she needed a safe indoor/ outdoor option, and that certain types of ceramic heaters are safe for pets. Shannon ordered a heater for Daisy's dog house immediately, and installed it right away.

Now Shannon doesn't have to feel guilty about keeping her dog in the yard when it's cold out. Both Shannon and Daisy are happy about he new setup, because the dog gets to play and be comfortable, and Shannon's house gets to stay in good shape.

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