For my birthday, I’m asking for a KitchenAid mixer

I can't wait to have my very own KitchenAid mixer.

March is my favorite month, and not just because of the fact that spring makes an appearance this time of year. This also happens to be the month of my birthday, and I'm one of those people who totally loves celebrating this special day. Every year, I plan a party for my friends, inviting them to celebrate my favorite time of year and relax with one another as well. 

Although it's not a major event, it's a lot of fun to have all of my favorite people in the same place, enjoying a drink of two and celebrating another year of my life. My rule for the party is no presents, since I just like to have everyone together to have fun on my special day. But my family always insists on giving me a birthday present, since such occasions were a very big deal in my house growing up and my parents still like to celebrate even though my sister and I have grown up and moved out of the house. 

Last week, I got a call from my mom, asking what I wanted to get as a present this year. It hadn't even occurred to me that my birthday was coming up, but I soon realized that it's actually just around the corner. I told her that I hadn't thought about it yet, and would have to get back to her. 

Later on, I wanted to try a new recipe for biscuits, but was having a hard time mixing the batter. It occurred to me that if I had a large, freestanding KitchenAid mixer, this would be much easier. And since this is such a staple investment, I knew that it was the kind of present I would only need to receive once. That's why I decided to ask for a KitchenAid mixer for my birthday this year. 

These wonderful appliances come in a wide variety of beautiful colors, and are a part of all of the best kitchens. I can't wait to have my own! 

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