Getting set up for the big Super Bowl party

Gabe's garage is going to be a great place for our Super Bowl party.

For a month now, my friends and I have had our Super Bowl plans all figured out. Since none of us happen to live in apartments with ideal party living rooms, our friend Gabe agreed to host the event at his house, specifically in his garage. We’re going to put the TV and couch in there, and spend the day watching the big game and eating Super Bowl snacks in preparation for the big game.

Despite having our hearts broken by the Patriots for the second year in a row, everyone seems to be holding up okay, instead wanting to have fun on Sunday, rather than stew over the fact that our team isn’t involved.

But last night, I got a call from Gabe, asking for help. He was setting up for the party, bringing the couch, television and space heater out to the garage, when he realized that his single heater wouldn’t do the trick.

I told him that it was probably because he has an indoor electric heater, and one that’s made for outdoor spaces would probably work better. Luckily, I happen to have one of those at my house, which I brought over last night. As soon as I got there, I could feel that the garage was too cold to have people in, and a quick look at the weather report told me that Sunday is supposed to be quite chilly. We plugged it in right away, following the directions of course, to check if it worked, and the room felt warmer almost immediately. 

Between the great electric heater solution and my home brewed beer, I know that this Sunday is going to be the most fun. I can’t wait to celebrate during the game, watch the halftime show and spend the day after talking about the commercials. 


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