Hairdressers use humidifiers to make everyone look and feel more beautiful

Lisa told me about the humidifier in her hairdresser shop.

Two weeks ago, I went to get my hair cut. After noticing that my ends were in pretty bad shape, I decided it was time. When I got there, my hairdresser Lisa told me that I should stop using a blowdryer, since it was damaging my locks.

While she was hard at work giving me a new style and getting rid of my split ends, I looked around the shop, loving those fancy sinks, big dryers and large mirrors that every beauty shop holds. While I was checking the place out, I noticed that Lisa's salon also had a large whole house humidifier sitting demurely in the corner.

I asked her about it, and Lisa said that most hairdressers have humidifiers for the sake of the stylists and the customers. She went on to explain that most people feel uglier if they have that annoying feeling of dry skin, and that working with all of that hot air, hairdressers are prone to developing skin dryness.

Since using a humidifier is one of the main pieces of advice for making skin more beautiful, it only makes sense that these would be included in the decor of a salon, Lisa said. One of her mentors came to visit shortly after Lisa opened her shop, and the woman told her that the place looked great, but she simply had to have a humidifier.

Ever since she added the humidifier to her shop, she's noticed happier customers and has been more comfortable herself. I'll have to keep this in mind, since this is an easy way to look and feel more beautiful.

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