Home improvement shoppers willing to entertain low-cost alternatives, study finds

When looking for home improvement supplies, many shoppers pay closer attention to the store they shop at than the products they buy.

I'm a big fan of a certain soft drink and fast-food restaurant, a fact that my wife can find quite bothersome. (I remember one trip to the beach where we took a significant detour simply to obtain a certain beverage for the day. How was I to predict so much traffic?) But, while some customers buy certain products regardless of how much effort it may take to obtain a certain item, a new study finds that when it comes to home improvement products, consumers may not be willing to go the extra mile to purchase from a certain manufacturer.

According to a study by The Integer Group, a major retail and shopper marketing agency, seven out every 10 home improvement shoppers don't look for a specific brand when buying larger, more expensive items.

"Considering it may be three, five, even 10 years between purchases of home improvement items – ranging from flooring and gutters to kitchen cabinets and faucets – it's not so surprising that shoppers turn to new brands when it's time to replace or upgrade," Frank Maher, the chief operating officer of The Integer Group, said in a February 29 press release.

In fact, nearly 70 percent of shoppers surveyed by the researchers indicated that when purchasing a new window or door, they didn't have any prior experience buying from the particular company.

As a result, shoppers may want to review the prices and offerings of home energy-saving devices online before purchasing a new air conditioner or electric fan for the summer months. By looking for a quality, low-cost item from an unfamiliar name, consumers may be able to save on these items and reduce their home cooling bills when summer finally hits.

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