How humidifiers work

When most people think of a shopping problem, women, shoes and department stores come to mind.

When most people think of a shopping problem, women, shoes and department stores come to mind. It isn't very often that we hear of men have an unusual love for shopping. However, I am the exception. If I'm not shopping for suits or the latest Apple gadgets, it's home appliances.

I recently bought a new humidifier for my room. I came home, and my wife, Jan, asked me why I felt the need to get another one, especially since I purchased one for our bedroom a few months ago. I explained to Jan that it's always a good idea to have one backup appliance.

We began getting into a playful discussion and in the middle of our banter, she said "I love you, but you probably don't even know how humidifiers work."

I paused for a minute and realized she was right! Of course, I wasn't going to admit that she was right. I headed to our study to do a little internet research so I could answer Jan's question.

Finally, I stumbled across a website that described how dehumidifiers function. Apparently, water from a reservoir accumulates on an evaporation pad. Then an electric fan circulates air through the pad. Small droplets are distributed into the air, which is what increases the humidity of a room.

After looking over and memorizing this information, I walked right back to the kitchen where Jan was sitting with a big smile on my face. She asked me what was going on. I relayed all the information to her that I saved in my memory about how humidifiers work. I could tell that she was surprised just by the look on her face. And after seeing how impressed she was, I realized there was nothing more I could ask for.

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