How I made my house allergy free

There are a few simple steps you can take to reduce allergens in your home. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Crosland Online.

I love going home at the end of a long day, but my apartment building was built a many years ago, and until recently, coming home to the dust in my house would make me sneeze. A few months ago, I became tired of sneezing every time I went home and decided that I was going to make my house an allergy-free zone.

Though my apartment is several years old, the fact that it has hardwood floors makes it easier to clean, as this type of flooring does not trap dust as much as carpet. To begin my allergy crusade, I washed all of my linens and dusted even the hard-to-reach places. I also got an allergy-proof bag for my mattress to trap dust.

I also have plants in my window. I had no idea until I read the Mayo Clinic's tips on allergy proofing a home that the dirt from potted plants can contribute to allergies by spurring mold. I followed the article's advice and spread aquarium rocks over their soil. has a list of tips for keeping your house healthy, and I was happy to realize that I had already done a few of them. The article recommends changing your air conditioner filter to improve the air quality in your house. Not only have I already changed mine, but I also wrote a post about it!

A well-ventilated bathroom is also extremely important to keep mold from developing in this naturally humid room. I found out about this a few weeks ago and have really noticed the benefits of having an exhaust fan in my bathroom. Most bathrooms come equipped with exhaust fans, but if your bathroom doesn't have one, you can use a portable electric fan.

Since I allergy-proofed my house, I have stopped sneezing so much, and now I love going home even more.

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