How to choose a humidifier for dry skin

Top-quality humidifiers can help individuals avoid dry winter skin.

In my last piece, I talked a bit about how quality humidifiers can help clear up dry skin problems, and how the added moisture produced by the machine helped with a host of other problems. (After I made my purchase, my nasal cavities and sinus passages felt much better than they had in previous winters). I also discussed how I shopped around for the best prices when making my purchase.

However, what I didn't get into was how I ultimately chose the right humidifier. While I don't have my handy list for you all exactly – I misplaced this months ago, go figure – I do remember some of the factors that I considered heavily when making my purchase. For example, since all humidifiers offer virtually the same skin benefits, the only thing that separates one model from the next are the unique features that make them more energy efficient and easier to use.

Looking for a small, dishwasher safe humidifier can make cleaning easier. While these models may lack in stature, some pack a serious punch (mine allows me to set humidity levels as high as 90 percent). The filter is also important to consider, as some need to be replaced or cleaned more often than others.

As for shape, choose what you like best. Smaller, more compact models will allow the machines to be more easily transported from room to room (remember, they do get heavy when full of water). If you're buying a model for a child, you may want to buy one of the animal-shaped models. But, this will probably cost you a few extra dollars, and not provide anything in the way of real benefits.

While your child may not love a high-quality Crane, Hamilton Beach or Honeywell humidifier for its aesthetics, it will certainly do the job, and once more, your child won't outgrow it's sleek appeal (which is more than I can say for my son's now unused Mr. Frog humidifier). 

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