How to clean a window fan

Gabe helped me pack my air conditioner for moving.


When we were packing up our apartment to get ready for our big trip across town, my roommates and I tried to be really thorough. In previous years, we have all waited until the last minute to put things in boxes and then faced a nightmare when it came time to move, and an even bigger one when we had to unpack. So this year, we resolved to do a good job.

We packed everything up, and even painted. Last night the three of us went around the place packing up miscellaneous items, feeling like we were really on track for a stress-free move. But that's when I realized that the our air conditioner was still sitting in the kitchen window. Of course we wanted to bring it along with us, but I had no idea how to pack it.

Since I wasn't sure how to go about this task, I called in an expert. My friend Gabe makes extra money in the summer by working as a mover, so I figured that he would be the perfect person to ask about the best way to transport a window air conditioner.

Gabe told me that I should turn my AC off right away, because the coils would need plenty of time to cool before I handled it. He said to wait a few hours, and then unplug and remove the unit from the window with help from a friend. Gabe told me  that I should coil the cord, and tape it to the side of the appliance to keep it out of the way.

Luckily, I thought to keep the original box that my air conditioner came in, which meant that I didn't have to search for something to put it in. He said I should wrap it in something soft, like an old towel, so that it didn't slide around, and then put it in the box.

With Gabe's advice, my air conditioner survived the move perfectly!

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