How to clean an electric heater

Next, we took one of my wife's damp cleaning rags and wiped off the surface dust on the top, bottom and sides of the appliance.

The warmer weather may be fast approaching, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea to take care of appliances we typically use during colder months. Trust me, I waited to clean my electric heater until I needed to use it in December only to find out all the grime and dirt it had accumulated in my attic caused it to malfunction.

I decided that I would dedicate a small chunk of time one weekend to cleaning my heater so that it would work properly next time I needed to use it. I spoke to my wife's father, Rob, a former electrician, and he gave me some tips that were so helpful and easy, I thought they needed to be shared.

Rob told me that before we even gotten started, I needed to unplug the heater. Next, we took one of my wife's damp cleaning rags and wiped off the surface dust on the top, bottom and sides of the appliance.

Then, we detached the grill of my heater by unscrewing the bolts. We used another moist rag to wipe off the residue that was inside the appliance. Rob told me that it was important that the inside of the machine not get too wet. He told me if it did, it would be a good idea to let it air dry before reattaching the front piece.

To be extra sure that no dirt was left behind in the heater, Rob helped me vacuum out dirt and debris from inside. We completed the process by reattaching the front grill piece. I couldn't believe how simple it was to clean my heater. Before Rob's advice, I thought I'd have to buy a new appliance or have it professionally cleaned.

It's great knowing that I can be sure my winter appliances will work as they should once summer is over!

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