How to fix the rumbling blades on an electric fan

Before starting, make sure any wires are not coming out or frayed.

One of the most useful appliances I have in my home is an electric fan. My family and I have used it for almost everything ranging from keeping our pets cool to clearing smoke out of a room after a cooking mishap, which is usually the fault of my daughter or wife.

But, from time to time, like most things, our electric fan breaks. I used to get so frustrated when this would happen. Then, she suggested that I do a little bit of research to figure or talk to some people I know about on how to fix this appliance when it malfunctions.

I thought that was a great idea.So one morning, I woke up and went over to my neighbor Paul's house to see if he wanted to grab a cup of coffee at the local doughnut shop up the street.

Paul is an electrician, so I figured he was the perfect person to sit down with. I told my buddy that when my electric fan usually broke, it was because there was a rumbling sound coming from inside of the appliance.

Paul assured me that he sees this problem all the time. He said that when this happens, I should unplug the appliance and remove the grill. Then, Paul advised using a screwdriver to detach the nut and spinner so that the blades could be removed more easily. He then told me to clear the shaft and the motor housing and put the blades back in place. Paul said the last step was to tighten the hubs and bolts to prevent the blades from shaking.

The minute I got home, I followed Paul's advice. And I am proud to report that my electric fan is working again and I can barely hear it!

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