Humidifiers are great for growing orchids

A humidifier will help you to keep your orchids moist.

Yesterday was a great holiday. It was so nice to spend the day with my family, having big meals and giving one another gifts, and then enjoying everything that we got for the rest of the day. This year, my dad gave me some orchids for Christmas.

This was a really thoughtful gift, because he knows how much I like gardening, and how I like to keep plants in all of the windows of my apartment in Boston. I was thrilled with the present that he gave me, and spent a long time looking up the best conditions for growing an orchid so that I can make these beautiful flowers last a long time.

I found out that orchids are indigenous to tropical climates, so they do best in conditions that are warm and moist, as well as sunny. I decided that I would keep my orchids in the front window of my house, since this one gets a lot of sun and it's usually warm in that room.

I wasn't sure how I could put the proper amount of moisture in the air of this space, however. I was chatting with my mom about this problem, and she said, "Well, don't you have a humidifier?"

Of course! I couldn't believe that I'd forgotten about my house humidifier. I usually use it to keep from getting sick, but when I get back in town, I plan on either moving it into the living room or buying a new one for this area, so that I can use it for my new plants.

I'm so excited to begin growing my new orchids, and can't wait to increase their beauty and keep them healthy for a long time by keeping them in the right conditions.

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