Humidifiers can perform home maintenance wonders

Parents can keep babies happy and healthy with humidifier use.

This morning, a reader passed on a recent article in the Hartford Courant, which included the story of homeowners Michelle and Dan Noehren from Glastonbury, Connecticut. While the article took its time mentioning the benefits of humidifiers – citing their ability to warm rooms, soothe cold sufferers and keep children's rooms safe – the homeowners are the center of the story, comprising a real-life example of the wonders that humidifiers can work when used correctly.

According to Korky Vann, the author of the report, after coming down with a cold, Michelle Noehren had the foresight to purchase a new humidifier for the bedroom. Shortly after, her winter cough, which typically plagues her off and on during the season, completely disappeared.

Due to these results, the Noehrens decided to purchase another unit for their nearly 9-month-old daughter's bedroom. Since this purchase, the happy mom and dad say their baby hasn't suffered from winter colds again, either.

"It's done wonders," Noehren told the report. "We don't cough and the baby hasn't had any more colds."

It seems that many Americans are taking notice of these same benefits, as well. Recent reports indicate that homeowners are purchasing low-cost heating solutions, such as humidifiers, that can reduce their energy bills. For example, the news source cited figures from Consumer Reports, which indicate that retailers sell three times as many humidifiers in the winter as they do in the summer.

With so much demand, consumers may want to save a trip to the store – where they can be met with higher prices and a limited selection – and conduct their shopping at a trusted online outlet.

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