Humidifiers may not be enough to limit black mold growth

Homes that experienced flood-like conditions could be susceptible to potentially hazardous forms of mold.

While all mold is problematic, certain types of this fungus can be more harmful to a home environment and require more serious home repair. For example, purchasing a high-quality humidifier from an online source can be enough to prevent mold from occurring in areas without substantial leaks and even minimize growth, but it can't eradicate the prescience of this threat fully.

Also known by its scientific name, Stachybotrys, black mold is a big concern for homeowners, as it can cause a number of long-term health problems. For example, this type of toxic mold has been linked to a variety of diseases and afflictions including, asthma, bronchitis, memory loss and certain types of infections.

Most homeowners don't need to worry about this type of harmful growth. For instance, black mold experts suggest it only commonly grows in areas that experience heavy flooding. Typically, black mold prospers in a wet environment that takes several days or weeks to dry out. But, homeowners who recently purchased a home could take on these problems without their knowledge.

In addition, flood-like conditions don't always mean heavy rains. A steady drip from a leaky pipe can provide a similar style of saturation in a small area. Experts suggest black mold is even capable of growing inside pipes. If certain members of the house are experiencing long-term allergy symptoms, even when the homeowner invests in air purifiers, allergy bedding and over-the-counter remedies, a more serious home inspection may be warranted.

Despite the dangers, homeowners shouldn't overreact. Black mold shouldn't be confused with other types of more common mold growth. For example, tile grout routinely has a sort of blackish, grimy look. But, unlike black mold this malady can be removed with heavy scrubbing and the proper ventilation of the room with products such as trusty electric fans

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