Improve your home audio experience with MyZone Wireless Headphones

Get the best audio experience out of your TV - and without other noises drowning out the sound - with MyZone Wireless Headphones.

If you live with roommates, or you happen to live in a city apartment, chances are you have a noise problem somewhere. Maybe it's your roommates watching movies and playing video games until 3 a.m. with the TV volume blasted at maximum. Or it might be that you're the one projecting your TV or computer's volume at all hours of the day.

With the summer bringing the heat in a big way and temperatures routinely spiking to upwards of 90 degrees, 'tis the season to break out the fans and open all of the windows. But then the whirring of those fans, and the street noise from outside, makes it increasingly difficult – if not impossible – to listen to whatever it is you want to watch or play. The alternative can't be to turn off the fans, shut the windows and simply sit there and melt just so you can hear your TV, can it?

Thankfully, Today's Concept has an alternative suited for your needs. The MyZone Wireless Headphones are your solution to listen to your TV or computer at whatever volume you like, without having to disturb any of your roommates or worry about outside noises interfering with your enjoyment. These audiophile-grade headphones give you that surround sound, movie theater experience, with a soft, cushiony design that ensures your ears will be comfortable for extended periods of use. With a range of up to 100 feet, the MyZone Wireless Headphones will continue to transmit sound even if you leave the room. To learn more how these headphones can appeal to your preferences, visit our online store today.

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