It’s important to clean the dust out of your electric heater

It felt good to really clean my electric heater.

I've written quite a bit about the electric heater that I have been using all winter. This handy appliance has shielded me from the chilly draft that comes in through my windows. It has undoubtedly kept me healthy and comfortable, since otherwise I would have been shivering all the time. But yesterday, when I got home, I noticed that my electric heater has gotten quite dirty. 

I started thinking about this, and it seemed to make some sense. Whenever I go to dust or clean my room, I skip the heater, not wanting to mess with the complicated wiring or start a fire. When I saw it yesterday, I decided that it had gotten to the point of being unacceptably messy. 

Before tackling the task of cleaning my heater, I decided that I should look up some directions online so that I didn't accidentally break it or hurt myself. Following some cleaning instructions that I found, I turned off and unplugged it, then I did something else for a little while so I could let the machine cool. After that, I wiped the surface of the heater down, ridding it of loose but accessible dust. 

After that, the directions recommended removing the heater cover and using a can of compressed air to clean the inside of dust. After that, I used a damp cloth to wipe down the inside of the cover and let it dry before reattaching it. I was instantly happier with the looks of my space heater, but what really impressed me was the fact that it also made it more efficient. 

As soon as I waited for it to dry and then turned if back on, I could tell that my space heater was running more efficiently. It will be nice to have it back at full speed. 

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