Keep space heaters out of the way of children

Keep space heaters out of baby's reach.

I recently got a space heater for my drafty bedroom at the encouragement of my mother. But before I purchased my portable electric heater, my mom made sure I was aware of all of the proper safety protocols involving these appliances.

While they come in handy for drafty rooms such as mine, space heaters are responsible for starting many house fires every year. I took care to make sure that the heater I bought had a backup safety off switch, and that I placed it in my room at least 3 feet from any textiles or furniture, just as Consumer Reports suggests.

However, a few days ago, my Aunt Jennifer called me and asked if I could watch my baby cousin Matthew for the weekend. Of course I said yes, since it's not every weekend that I get to spend time with an adorable baby.

But as soon as I finished emphatically agreeing to watch my 2-year-old cousin on the phone with my Aunt, I realized that my single-person's apartment is anything but baby-proof.

I did a search online, and found out that space heaters should never be in the same room as children. In addition to other childproofing, I unplugged my electric heater and stowed it safely in the closet.

It's important to remember that machines such as these shouldn't be in the reach of children or pets, who may mistakenly burn themselves by touching them. I'm glad that I thought to look that up before Matthew arrived at my house. With the proper safety precautions taken care of ahead of time, we had a great weekend!

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