Keeping a home gym well-ventilated

Gabe loves that he can work out from home.

My friend Gabe is really into working out. He recently moved into a bigger place and decided that he would save money by setting up a home gym in a spare bedroom. Since he likes to run outside, Gabe only had to buy a set of weights and a pull-up bar.

I went over to tour his new apartment a few days ago, and asked how he liked everything. Gabe told me that he really loves the new space, but that he has trouble exercising in such a small room, because they're isn't very much ventilation.

He said that he has cut his last several workouts short because he gets too hot in the small space. He said that he might have to join the gym again because he didn't seem to be using his home gym enough at all. Then I suggested that he try to control the temperature.

Even though the room is small, it does have one window that's big enough to get some air moving. I told Gabe that he should open the window and turn an electric fan in its direction to help pull in air from the outside. Then I said he should use an oscillating fan to help ventilate the room.

Gabe had been so excited about his home gym before, so he was willing to try almost anything to make it a useful space. He went out the next day and bought two fans so that he could try my plan.

He called me yesterday to say that the fans have made a huge difference. Now his home gym is a comfortable spot for him to lift weights, and as a bonus, he doesn't have to pay a membership fee.

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