Limiting the humidity in your apartment will make paint dry faster

We decided to run the air conditioner in order to expedite the drying on our newly-painted walls.

Last year, when my roommates and I moved into our current apartment, it was in need of some serious sprucing up. We determined that painting would be our easiest and most affordable option for making the place feel like home. But, of course, it was stipulated in the lease that we would have to paint the walls back to white before we moved out.

Since all of us are planning on moving into a nicer place across town this September, my roommates and I spent the weekend packing and preparing ourselves for that harrowing day when Boston apartments change hands and the city streets become overrun with U-Haul vans. We're getting ready to paint tonight, but since we're supposed to be out by Friday, we're worried that the humid weather might prevent the paint from drying soon enough.

So, to escape all of the problems of moving out of an apartment while the walls are wet, I researched some ways I could make the paint dry faster. My roommates and I decided that painting should be one of the last things we do before we leave, considering that we would have to pack up all of our belongings anyway so that they weren't ruined.

First, I thought that perhaps I should use a fan pointed at the walls to expedite the drying, but some quick research told me that this could make the paint dry unevenly, and undo all of our effort.

But, I found a post from someone online that made a lot of sense to me. She suggested that I run an air conditioner or dehumidifier to help to take some moisture out of the air and let the walls faster.

Because we're so anxious to have the walls dry as quickly as possible, we are planning on using both. If we paint tonight, by the time we return from work tomorrow, our walls are expected to be back to their original white color, and dry as can be. 

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