Make sure your humidifier is ready to combat pollen and other tricky seasonal allergy triggers

Stay ahead of allergy season this year.

Though it's taken long enough, it seems that spring is finally in the air. Over the past few days, the birds have been chirping and the sun has been a little warmer than usual, making it possible and even comfortable to hang out outside. Since it seems like this pleasant weather is finally going to stick, it's only a matter of time before leaves are on the trees and flowers are blooming. 

And while springtime is undeniably beautiful, those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies dread it, since the increased pollen in the air from all of the flowers can be quite irritating, causing itchy eyes and a runny nose for nearly everyone as the flowers begin to bloom. 

It might seem as if there's nothing you can do to avoid having a bad allergy season, but in reality, there are a few precautions you can take to make the springtime more bearable if you're the kind of person who becomes irritated when things begin turning green again. While you may be tempted to spend every moment you have basking in the finally warm air, going outdoors during allergy season is not advised unless you have an antihistamine on hand. 

Instead, stay inside and catch up on projects. Even though you won't get to spend time interacting with the beauty of the season, you will instead be able to get your spring cleaning completely done, and bask in the peaceful feeling of a cleansed house. Take it one step further by employing a portable or whole house humidifier

Humidifiers are known for helping to reduce allergens of all sorts in the home, and they can take down pollen and have you breathing easier until the summer is in full swing. 

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