My weekend travels (and maybe a bit about electric heaters)

Electric heaters can provide heating solution far away from home.

This past long weekend, the wife and I reunited with our darling grandchildren (cue photo collage) for an extended romp in the woods and a stay in a log cabin. Well, you may be asking, thanks for bringing it up Mark, I was stuck at home twiddling my thumbs. I come to you for home improvement advice and you talk about your hiking adventures!

To that I say, hold your horses. There's a connection here. Last week, I talked about electric heaters and their benefits, and I was going to dedicate this week to humidifiers and other essential winter items, but I had a story I had to share.

My wife and I were all set and packed on Thursday night for a rather early departure. However, my son Andrew called late at night (I call 10 p.m. late at night) to tell us the cabin didn't come with a reliable source of heat (other than a fireplace) and that it would be colder than we expected up in the mountains. This was a concern as he has a few adorable young daughters. As a result, I brought a few of my trusty electric heaters along.

Luckily, the house was modern enough to have a few outlets (joking, we had cable) and we were able to run two heaters most of the time we were inside. Even with the fireplace roaring, we decided to move the heaters to the bedrooms, to start warming these areas.

As a result, everyone was able to spend the weekend in relative comfort and we managed to avoid a big argument. At least, about the heat that is. 

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