Nebraska man injured by falling air conditioner

Hearing about this reinforced the importance of exercising safety when installing heavy appliances.

Over the years, I've endured several injuries. I've been in a few car accidents (thanks to my son's "fabulous" driving skills), had some surgeries and even been bitten by a shark while I was snorkeling down in the Florida Keys.

But, while browsing The Associated Press wires, I came across an accident that I had never heard of before. Apparently, a man in Hastings, Nebraska, was hurt after an air conditioner fell on his head!

The article, which was originally posted in The Hastings Tribune, said that the 77-year-old man named Harry Alexander was walking from his barber shop to buy a soda when the 140 pound appliance fell from a two-story building and knocked him unconscious.

When I read this, I couldn't believe it. What was even more surprising was that it didn't kill him. Though, it did knocked him unconscious. When Alexander woke up, he was taken by rescue crews to a hospital , where he was kept overnight. The next dsy, he told the newspaper that the worst injuries he endured from the incident were a swollen knee and a bump on the head.

I can't even begin to describe how shocked I was that Alexander survived. I told my wife about the incident, but she didn't believe me until I actually showed her a copy of the article.

Hearing about this reinforced the importance of exercising safety when installing heavy appliances. I spoke to my son, a college student, who said that he was planning on buying an air conditioner for the house he was staying at in the summer.

I told him about what I read on the AP, and by the tone of his voice, I could tell that he would absolutely make sure that he installed the appliance properly.

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