Pedometers make it easier to stay committed to weight loss goals

Once she had something to work toward, Stephanie really stuck to her workout plan.

My friend Stephanie is seemingly always on a diet. Though she isn't overweight, she has never been truly happy with the way that she looks, but seems to have a hard time finding an eating plan that works for her. Last year, she decided to stop dieting altogether and instead work on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. 

My friends and I were proud of her for making this decision, since we were sure that she would be happier and healthier in the long run. As a part of her renewed efforts toward getting healthy, Stephanie started tracking her activity by using a pedometer. It turned out that this was the perfect tool for her! 

Since she doesn't tend to lose weight quickly, Stephanie often gives up before her current diet starts to work. But, the pedometer gave her the instant gratification that she needed, and let her stick to the plan until she started to get results. After all, this handy device keeps track of great information like the amount of distance she has gone, and the amount of calories she has burned. 

With access to all of this data, she is able to feel like she's doing something real, even if she can't see a difference in the mirror. I caught up with Stephanie this weekend, and right away I could see how good she looked. 

I asked her what she was doing – half expecting her to be on a new crazy diet – only to find out that she had stuck with the pedometer. She used it to track her daily movement, made a commitment to increase that, and eventually was able to lose weight like she had always wanted. 

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