Pinterest suggests that consumers care about form and function

Many users exchange decorating ideas on Pinterest.

Probably the biggest story in social networking of the past year is the rise of Pinterest, a social networking site where users share or "pin" photos that they like with one another. While the social media site has been around for a few years now, interest in Pinterest really began to pick up this year.

Now considered the third-most-popular social network on the internet (after Facebook and Twitter), Pinterest is everyone's new obsession. Just researching the topic I got lost in a set of 55 inspiring home-office pinboards. Michelle Sander writes for the Napa Valley Register, "The only problem I see is that you could pin literally hundreds of items a day." Citing the potential for time-wasting as the site's biggest drawback.

A TechCrunch report from February listed that 97 percent of those who liked the site on Facebook were women. This is not surprising as the social network is very popular for design. Since many of the site's users are young women, entire boards are dedicated to things for the home that they hope to own one day. Home decoration and weddings are some of the most popular uses for the site.

Those items that are both attractive and useful tend to be the most popular on Pinterest. I recently found some interesting pictures of electric fans on the site and found one that was extremely popular. The picture is of some old metal electric fans from the 1930s. But fans of every style have been pinned on Pinterest.

While many of the website's users generate decorating ideas with their pinboards, it seems that they're also considering climate control. The beauty and functionality of a fan fit right in. This summer, it seems Pinterest users will choose to stay cool in style.

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