Preparing your air conditioner for the offseason

The box your air conditioner came in is a great place to store it.

A few weeks ago, I enlisted the help of my roommate Laura to uninstall my window air conditioner for the winter. Though this was a very successful effort, I was unsure of how to store my AC at the time, so it spent several days on the floor under my window.

Finally, last week, I got tired of the way that this looked. My bedroom had become an uninviting place with an unused air conditioner on the floor, and since it's not that big to begin with, I needed the space. I looked online for directions on how to properly put one of these units away.

It turns out that storing a window air conditioner is a fairly easy process. First, take this opportunity to make sure that your unit is clean. Since you're going to have to take it out again in the spring, do yourself a favor and don't put it away dirty.

Beyond that, if you have your original box, go ahead and store your air conditioner in this. I failed to plan ahead when I moved last, and accidentally threw mine away along with the moving boxes. Luckily, air conditioner covers are an inexpensive option that will protect the appliance from damage or dust during the offseason. I purchased mine at a home decor store nearby, and it looked good.

Then it's just a matter of finding a spot to keep it that is out of the way. My house has a few utility closets, so I decided to put my air conditioner in one that's across the hallway from my room. So I can rest easy for the entirety of the winter, knowing that my air conditioner is safely out of the way, ready for next summer.

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