Reducing washer and dryer moisture with electric fans

Faulty dryers could lead to moisture buildup in homes.

In response to my last piece about moisture buildup in my bathroom, one faithful reader responded by asking me if similar measures would be effective against basement problems. To get more specific, this homeowner is experiencing problems due to an old clothes dryer.

Living in a small basement apartment – and without an alternative outlet – our reader is forced to keep this appliance in the kitchen. To get rid of the moist, warm air created by the use of this machine, she runs the ventilation hose directly out her front door. However, she says she still is experiencing mold buildup in the areas along where the hose runs.

In my experience, this may have less to do with the dryer than the actual vent duct itself. In certain cases, lint can buildup even in this passageway, thereby obstructing the natural air flow. In her case, the duct used metal rings to keep its formation even when air wasn't passing through. This can obviously make detecting a leak difficult, as these hoses can be a number of feet in length and the fact that there only really needs to be a small hole for problems to persist.

Short of buying a new dryer, our reader was wondering if electric fans could provide a solution to this problem. In this case, I would advocate for a fan to be purchased – or borrowed from a trusted friend or neighbor – to blow this steamy air out of the apartment. Still, though, a new dryer or vent duct will need to be purchased eventually for the room to be fully protected from mold and mildew.

When looking for a new electric fan, consumers may want to examine online resources. By saving money on this purchase and getting prompt delivery, our reader may be able to reduce her immediate worries while saving for a more long-term solution. 

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