Shopping online for deals on electric heaters

Black Friday yielded big sales, but discount websites can offer competitive prices year round.

In my last post, I talked a bit about drafts and one reader's battle to secure his manual thermostat from a particularly pesky gust from the outdoors. However, since I haven't heard anything back from this faithful reader – good luck Bob! – I decided to profile energy-saving tips and how they relate to one of my wife's favorite activities, shopping.

More than a few readers didn't end up going to bed early on Thanksgiving, and consequently, they missed out on some early-morning Black Friday big deals. As a result, most were worried that they wouldn't be able to find the same savings on essential home heating and cooling products such as air conditioners, portable heaters and electric fans that they want to purchase for themselves or others this winter. (Who can blame them, as these products are capable of providing big savings.)

However, I want to assuage those who are worried about missing out on the holiday deals. Savings can always be found by those who look for it (cue dramatic music and shining light). Joking aside, while Black Friday and its compatriot Cyber Monday offer impressive deals by retailer standards, other avenues may offer comparable products for less any day of the year.

The best online sources may even throw in a free gift with every purchase along with guarantees retailers wouldn't dream of offering. As such, I recommend that before you readers go online to scour web pages for the same merchandise on secondhand sites – like Cragislist and eBay – you explore the offers at discount websites that have gotten good feedback from customers.

By taking this route, consumers can rest assured that the product they intend to give as a gift (or use to reduce their heating or cooling bills themselves) will remain in top condition for some time, without putting a dent in the old wallet. 

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