Sometimes you just prefer a classic fan

My roommate Laura is afraid of fans.

When I moved into my new apartment, my roommates and I noticed that most of the rooms came with ceiling fans. We were excited about the extra cooling that these would offer, since they were already built in.

My roommate Laura was skeptical of these fans because her overprotective parents didn't want to have them in her house growing up, for fear that they would fall and hurt someone. Veronica and I explained to Laura that this urban myth is highly unlikely to occur with a properly installed fan.

My first night in the new apartment, I turned on the ceiling fan in my bedroom, excited that I didn't have to unpack my old electric fan just yet. But I kept waking up because the buffeting noises that this large fan was creating were interrupting my sleep. I wasn't used to having a fan that was this loud.

It wasn't long before I stopped using my ceiling fan completely, simply because I prefer the direct air from the oscillating electric fan that I have relied on for such a long time. On a hot day, there's nothing better than cool air blowing directly on you, which is why I love this type of appliance.

Since the ceiling fans are also the light fixtures in our house, my roommates and I still use them quite a bit. But there's nothing like a classic electric fan for temperature control.

Even though they came with the place, my roommates and I really prefer a quieter fan that's easier to control in our space. It's for this reason that the ceiling fans are really just light fixtures in our house.

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