The Christmas shopping season has officially begun

My sister is going to love the humidifier she gets for Christmas.

With today being the first day of November, I realized that i'm already behind on my Christmas shopping list. It seems crazy, since people previously didn't have to worry about the December holidays until after Thanksgiving, but as a bargain shopper, I know that the time to look for gifts is now, since there's likely to be a sale to entice shoppers.

The challenging part, as always, is deciding what to get everyone on my list. Luckily for me, I was on the phone with my sister Shannon yesterday, and something she said gave me the perfect idea for what to get for her.

She recently moved into a new apartment, which is a lot bigger than her last place. She was excited to finally have a proper living room to relax and watch TV, rather than her old apartment, which was too cramped for such a luxury.

Shannon told me yesterday that she's loving having more space, but has been battling a sore throat for the past few days because the humidifier she keeps in her bedroom is too far away from her brand new living room to improve the air quality in there.

I knew just the solution! For Christmas this year I'm going to give my sister a whole house humidifier, the perfect upgrade for her new space. I'm sure that she's going to love the increased output of this apparatus, since it will help keep her healthy.

And since I have the idea already, I can shop around and make sure that I get a great price online! Now that I've started my Christmas list, I can't wait for the holiday season to get here.

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