The perfect solution for a warm and moist basement

The air conditioner has made a huge difference in Veronica's bedroom.

A few weeks ago, my roommates and I made the move across town to a bigger, brighter apartment. Not only is this place nicer, but it takes up the first floor and the basement level. This is great, since there is more room for each of us, but it means that one my roommate's bedrooms is in the basement.

Since she suffers from allergies and was worried about having a basement bedroom, Veronica requested that my landlord install a dehumidifier in her room before we moved in, and he was happy to oblige. Not only would it keep the basement from irritating Veronica's allergies, but our landlord said that it could also help to prevent mold, and would be a good investment for the value of our apartment.

But since her bedroom is already next to the furnace, it's very warm most of the time. And like many models, the dehumidifier that my landlord bought for our apartment gives off a little bit of heat while it's running. After just a few days, Veronica complained that her bedroom is too hot when the dehumidifier is on, but the moist air irritates her when it isn't running. She thought that she simply couldn't win. But then our other roommate Laura had a great idea.

"Why don't you get a window air conditioner?" Laura suggested.

Air conditioners work to cool a room, but they also reduce moisture, which means that this could help her allergies as well. Veronica was thrilled at Laura's suggestion.

Veronica got an air conditioner that weekend, and her room is much more comfortable now. And the best part is that she can turn the dehumidifier back on when her room gets cold during the winter months.

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