The secret to great winter hair may be a great house humidifier

Humidifier use can lead to healthier hair.

Since my husband is not feeling well today, I figured I'd take this time to appeal to the many women that read this blog regularly. (Not that my husband doesn't address their energy-saving needs, but it's just that sometimes us gals need a little more excitement). This brings me to the topic of the day: hair care! But, don't worry, you may learn how to save a few bucks on a healthy-looking mane as well.

So, it's winter, and if you're like me, you've probably noticed that your hair has been a little frizzy lately. While I'm sure there are expensive creams or pastes that can address this concern (I've been through more than a few, truth be told), the answer to your hair issues may already be in your house, moisturizing the air in another room.

By putting a humidifier in the bathroom, you can give your hair a much needed boost of moisture. If static is your concern, running a dryer sheet near your hair may also do the trick, and depending on the kind you use, leave behind a fresh-smelling scent.

For the perfect relief, I suggest something small and portable, like the Kaz 5520B Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier. This item usually retails for close to $100, but I've seen discount online retailers offer sale prices closer to $50. Plus, these models are small enough to sit on top of a nearby toilet or on the bathroom counter if it's on the large side. (I suggest the toilet top, as you'll finally have an excuse to clear all your husband's old car magazines off and into the trash. Perfect!)

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