Use a portable electric heater on your screened-in porch throughout the fall

A screened-in porch is the perfect place to enjoy autumn.

One day, when I move out of the city and have a house of my own, I hope it has a screened-in porch. I think a they are the best part of any house, especially because they are so comfortable during warm-weather months. The roof protects you from strong sun or heavy rain, but the screens on either side allow the beautiful summer breeze to come through. I can just imagine sitting out in my screen room, reading a book and loving my life.

But what about the fall? I love going for walks through the trees while they're changing color, and feeling the sun's last warm rays in the afternoon. Many people who have screened-in porches attached to their house love spending time out there while the seasons are changing, but they continually find that the crisp autumnal air is just a little too cold to stay on the porch for a long time.

Zolton Cohen from Michigan recommends warming up with an infrared heater. While this type of electric heater won't get you through the winter months, it will keep your porch comfortable after the sun goes down or as it gets colder throughout the fall. Infrared heaters work by heating people and objects, not the air, which is what makes them perfect for such semi-outdoor spaces.

When I finally get my dream porch, I'll be sure to equip it with an infrared electric heater. That way I can stay out in my screened-in porch well past labor day. These low-cost items make it easy to get a couple more months of enjoyment out of these great rooms. An electric heater will warm your screened-in porch just enough to take the chill out of the air so you can extend the summer as long as you would like.

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