Use an electric fan to blow cigar smoke out the window

After a day at the beach, Uncle Mike smoked his cigar.

Recently, my wife, Jan, and I went to go visit my Uncle Mike down in Miami, Florida. I'll tell you, there are few things more amazing than this city. My family and I spent time lounging on the beach, enjoying the city's amazing restaurants and even took an airboat tour of Shark Valley in the Florida Everglades.

However, as nice as it was to spend time down there, I was ready to come home. Not because the weather was too hot, but rather because of my Uncle Joe. He smokes like a chimney! And I'm not talking about having the occasional cigarette when he's relaxing and hanging out with us and his buddies.

I mean Uncle Joe smokes cigars that just smell awful! He went to go visit his cousin in Cuba and brought back some cigars from the island country, and although I was impressed, by the taste of these cigars, one thing that I didn't like was how awful they smelled. The stench was so strong!

And when we'd all come back from a day on South Beach, what would be the first thing my uncle would do? If you guessed that he would light up one of his Cuban cigars, you're right.

I finally decided that I needed to say something. But, I wanted to make sure I did so in a tasteful manner. After all, the last thing you want to do is upset your big, burly Italian uncle. After doing a bit of research, I mentioned to Uncle Joe that he might want to buy an electric fan to help carry out some of the smoke from the room.

He agreed that it was a great idea and the next day before we headed to the beach, I got in Uncle Joe's porsche and headed to the hardware store to buy one of these appliances. We promised we would check to see how useful the electric fan was in blowing his cigar smoke out the window.

That night, we put the appliance next to Uncle Joe's armchair while he was puffing away and I have to say, that electric fan made all the difference! His home no longer smelled like a cigar factory.

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