Use an electric fan to help you sleep at night

Zach sleeps much better with a quiet electric fan keeping him cool.

A few weeks ago, my friend Rose asked me to go with her to buy an air conditioner for her apartment. I wrote about how she had some trouble finding one in a store, but easily bought one online, and she's been happy since. Her apartment is on the fourth floor of her building, so it can get really hot during the summer, but since she's gotten an AC, it has been much more comfortable.

We met for drinks with a few of our friends last week, and Rose was talking about how she is sleeping much better in a cool room. Then, our friend Zach told us that his AC has been causing him to have trouble sleeping lately.

"My air conditioner is too loud," he said, "so I usually turn it off when I go to sleep, but then I wake up hot."

It turns out that Zach's AC is several years old and much louder than current models, and the rumbling has been keeping him awake.

When Rose suggested that he buy the same model that she has, Zach said that he can't afford to pay for a new air conditioner right now.

Then I suggested to Zach that he turn his air conditioner off at night, and use a much quieter electric fan instead. The AC can cool the air during the day, and at night the fan can circulate the cool air while he is sleeping without making as much noise.

Zach said that I had a great idea, and since he already has an electric fan, it wouldn't cost him any money. He told me this weekend that took my advice, and he's been sleeping much better. 

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