Use electric heaters to give your towels a hotel feel

Follow this advice for warmed-up towels like in a hotel.

Every time I stay in a nice hotel, my favorite part is the bathroom. Rather than stepping out of the shower into a steamy but somehow still cold room, and fumbling around for some cotton relief, the towels are right in reach, and they're dependably nice and warm. I have always longed to bring this kind of luxury back from vacation.

When I recently returned from a trip to Newport, RI, I decided that I just couldn't live without heated towels any longer. I looked around on DIY websites to see if there were any good ideas, but a lot of them involved complicated tasks too lofty for my skill level.

I was also worried about putting anything down directly on a radiator, since I certainly don't want to cause a fire hazard in my own apartment. I thought about it for a few days, but I was at a loss. I was beginning to think I might just never achieve my dream of this kind of opulence! But, then I had an idea.

I didn't have to do any complicated construction projects: All I needed was a towel bar and a portable electric heater. I found a good place in my bathroom for the unit, and plugged it in. Then I set up the bar on the wall, safely over the heater, high enough so that any hanging towels won't touch it.

Now, on chilly days when I long for something cozy, I just hang up a towel, and turn on the electric heater. Since heat rises, it goes straight onto the towel, warming it nicely and making my house feel as luxurious as a hotel every day. 

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