Use weatherstripping or tape to keep bugs away from your window air conditioner

Keep the bugs out by making sure you have the right weather stripping.

If you've recently installed a window air conditioner to keep your house cool during the summer months, you might be experiencing a common problem with mosquitoes and other pests flying in through the small holes left between the air conditioner and the window. 

This issue is small, but substantial, as nobody likes the idea of nasty insects crawling into the house, especially the kind that can give you uncomfortable bites like mosquitoes or flies often do. Depending on your AC, the unit may not have come with a dedicated sealant that fills these small gaps, leaving it vulnerable to the intrusion of flying insects or ants. 

But if you're experiencing this problem in your house, you don't just have to live with it. Instead, there is a quick fix that will enable you to enjoy a cool home without making it vulnerable to the elements and bugs that might want to move in. 

Many models come with weatherstripping that you can install around the window, which will block the extra spaces, but if yours does not have this as an accessory,  you can purchase it from your local hardware store. Ask a store clerk tell you specifically how to install this, but it's known for being easy to use, so you shouldn't have many problems. 

Other people have had good luck by using AC tape or duct tape to block these spots, as this is often an even more inexpensive solution to your bug problem. Though, people who are aesthetically uncompromising might not be as impressed with the way it looks. 

There are plenty of ways to get a tight seal around your window air conditioner, which will prevent bugs from coming in and ruining your home. 

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One thought on “Use weatherstripping or tape to keep bugs away from your window air conditioner

  1. I really love the idea that this weather stripping can also stop these crawling insect to get inside our houses. I really hate bugs and spiders, I’m really afraid of it. I think I have to tell mom about this. Thanks for sharing this information.

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