Use your electric fan to do more than cool your home

I took the fan out of the kitchen and plugged it into the garage and in less than an hour, the shed was dry.

I love do-it-yourself projects. My wife, Jan, likes to playfully tease me that items in our home don't break frequently enough to satiate my love of repairing things. But, last weekend, instead of waiting for Jan to give me my "honey-do" list, I created my own task that needed to be completed.

We have a small storage closet which keeps everything from my family's bikes to my power tools. Last Saturday, I walked into the garage and noticed how unsightly the outside of the closet looked.

I asked Jan if there was anything we could do to spruce it up, especially since we are planning on selling our home in the near future. She told me that I could always paint it. I thought that was a great idea, so I headed to the hardware store that afternoon.

There were so many hues to choose from. But, after what seemed like a couple hours in the store, I settled on a pastel yellow. I thought I made the right decision. I came home and immediately started painting.

I finally finished and realized the closet was not going to dry quickly, especially since there was no ventilation in the garage. Then, I came up with a smart idea: I was going to use my electric fan to dry the paint.

I took the fan out of the kitchen and plugged it into an outlet in the garage and after not too long, our storage closet was dry. I was impressed, especially since I had never used the electric fan for anything but cooling our house.

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