What you need to know before calling an air conditioner repairman

Don't waste money hiring an repairman that will overcharge you to fix your air conditioner.

I don't know what it is, but my air conditioner always seems to break at the worst times. And, I'm not just talking about warm weather in the lower 80s, I'm talking about 90 degrees or above.

A few days ago, I walked into our house after work when I noticed that it was unusually hot. I went over the the AC, and sure enough, there was no cool air coming from it. My first inclination was to call a handyman, but I paused for a minute to see if there was any advice available that discussed how to fix a malfunctioning air conditioner.

Upon browsing the internet, I came across an article published by an Ohio television news station that talked about how consumers may be overcharged for AC repairs when they are desperate to have theirs fixed.

The article also talked about how requesting next day service is one way that repair companies try to get customers to overpay. Handymen, for example, may try to convince you that you need to buy a whole new unit.

Instead of rushing to the phone, it's a good idea to take some time to troubleshoot the issue yourself. That means, checking to see that the thermostat is operating properly and making sure that there are no loose wires around the appliance.

Boy, am I glad I followed the article's advice. The next day, I talked to my next door neighbor who said that she hired a repairman who charged her $300! I told her about the article I read and promised to email it to her once I got home.

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