You won’t believe this creative use for a window air conditioner

Her tiny apartment is really well decorated.

My old roommate Caroline is really crafty. When we lived together she was always coming up with the ideal DIY solution to any problem I was encountering around our little apartment. Best of all, she was able to make all of her handmade solutions look like they were done by an artisan.

But Caroline moved to Washington D.C. at the end of the summer to pursue a career in politics, meaning that we could no longer live together, and that I would have to come up with my own, less glamorous DIY projects.

I went to visit her in her new place two weekends ago and was shocked when she told me how little it was. Rent is really high in D.C., so she's living in one of the tiniest studio apartments I've ever seen. This might be a problem for anyone else, but Caroline has it decorated so beautifully that you barely notice how little square footage there is.

It's amazing how she's been able to use creative storage solutions to tuck away all of her belongings and make her little studio into a beautiful, homey place. Probably the most impressive thing about this tiny apartment, which doesn't have any closets, however, is what she did with her window air conditioner.

Rather than casting it off into a corner and hoping that nobody noticed this appliance, Caroline put it to work. She has it propped up so that it's at table height, and is using the grooves in its vented front to display pictures and other little items. The result, like everything she tires, looks like a gorgeous modern piece of furniture, rather than a unique way to store her air conditioner during the winter.

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