You won’t believe what the first humidifiers were like

The first humidifiers hooked on to the front of the radiator to distribute steam to the room.

Pretty much since people have been heating their homes, whether with a fireplace, wood burning stove or old fashioned radiator, the problem of dry air has existed within the house. It's just hard to get the humidity right when you're inside, and the sun isn't providing all of the warmth that you need.

These days, there are a number of ways to fix the problem of low humidity in a house, but the best is to make use of a whole house humidifier in order to distribute moisture throughout the entirety of a home.

But before these fantastic devices were developed, there were other ways to try to humidify a space. People with wood burning stoves often place a pot of boiling water on top, in order to let the steam dissipate throughout the house.

There were also these little vases of water that would hook on to the front of a traditional radiator, and release water into the room. While most were just plain white, some of them are a little bit more decorative, featuring pretty floral designs or interesting architectural elements. That seems like a genius idea to me.

I'm so thrilled to have the humidifier in my house, otherwise the dry winter air would be made much worse with the heating. It's amazing how such a small appliance makes such a big difference in how comfortable you are at home.

And when you think about the fact that humidifiers of some sort have always been in homes, it makes a little bit more sense why I've come to rely on mine so much. These handy devices are a real life saver.

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