2013 summer set to be particularly severe for mosquitos

I'm planning to ward off dangerous mosquitos with my zapper.

My mom tends to be a worry wart. She's always picking a new potential problem that could plague my sister and I, despite its unlikeliness. And this year, she's already worried about the mosquitos. Even though here in Boston it will be months before these pesky bugs are a problem, they're already causing an issue in southern states like Florida and Texas. 

Since mosquitos are linked with an increasingly high number of diseases every year, my mother has become quite afraid of these nasty bugs and always makes sure to stay on top of their progress for the duration of the time the weather is warm. 

This morning, in a bout of nervousness, my mom emailed me a few news stories about the mosquito problems around the United States. Though she's usually over reacting to these reports, by the time I read them, I was quite alarmed as well. 

From the widespread problem with mosquitos so far this year, it seems that the bugs will be quite bad during the coming summer. I as glad that I ordered a mosquito zapper already, since this is likely to be one of my main defenses against these dangerous insects. I decided that I would recommend that my friends each get one or more of these tools as well, since I don't want their health to suffer as the result of a mosquito bite. 

I forwarded my mom's alarming email to a few of my closest friends in order to recommend that they invest in some bug protection as well.

Though it seems that the bug problem may be worse than ever this summer, I can rest easy, knowing that I'll be prepared and won't be as likely to have to endure these annoying and potentially dangerous bites. 

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